Kosta Boda Crackle Μπολ Πράσινο

Crackle is a collection of mouth-blown vases created from elements of
nature – fire, earth and water. The shape is carved from clay by hand and the crackled surface is formed by using an ancient technique, by placing the hot glass in ice cold water.

The result is a collection of sculptural vases with light reflecting organic properties.

The pieces in this collection work for many purposes. They can be used
for storage, for serving and to be present at special occasions, but also for informal times with friends and family.

Each piece in the collection can stand alone as a solo player, but they also work well together as a group.

Crackle and thunder – a magical wonder. At Kosta Boda, we marvel at beautifully preserved cracks in glass. The green bowl from the Crackle collection has an expressive, sculptural exterior created using an old handicraft technique in which the hot glass is dipped in ice-cold water. The crackled surface reflects daylight and reveals its stories of fire, earth and water. The bowl is mouth-blown in Kosta and designed by Åsa Jungnelius.



Διαστάσεις Μήκος: 250 mm
Πλάτος: 250 mm
Ύψος: 105 mm

Mouth Blown


Lead-Free Crystal



Χώρα προέλευσης


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