Kosta Boda Mirage Vase Blue/Brown - Ανθοδοχείο

Mirage is a decorative object as well as a vase with warm colors reflecting as a spectrum in the soft round shapes.

The pieces are masterfully made in Kosta with an angled pipe to create the curved shapes and a zoom technique is used for the different colors.

After cooling, Mirage pieces are finished by skilled, experienced grinders. Thus, a Mirage is made.

Mirage vase blue/brown H 310 cm by Göran Wärff, Kosta Boda is a decorative object for the eye but also a vase. The warm colors reflect like a spectrum and the curved shape creates an effect on the eye. The colors thus become different when you look at the vase from different angles. Mirage are handmade and blown by glass masters in Kosta, Småland. After cooling, Mirage is finished by skilled and experienced grinders so that the vase has fine edges and shapes.



Διαστάσεις Ύψος: 310 mm

Καφέ, Μπλε


Lead-Free Crystal


Hand Made

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