Kosta Boda Vision - Μπωλ μπλε

A friendly watching eye, brought to life by the unique movement of glass.

Working with the crystal is a way to see and discover how this magical ”liquid” takes shape. Started freehand, a small bead of glass is cut on the
glassblowing pipe, which will resonate in the edge of the final object.

The color then meets another tone that is blown from the opposite direction. This is how a Vision is created to use.

Vision is a beautiful handmade series in colorful crystal. It is Göran Wärff who designed this series, Göran who recurs in his creations playing with the optical phenomena that arise when the light is refracted in the glass. Both the glass itself and the light in the nature are two of his sources of his inspiration in all that he creates.



Κατηγορίες , ,
Διαστάσεις Μήκος: 330 mm
Πλάτος: 220 mm
Ύψος: 120 mm

Hand Made, Mouth Blown


Lead-Free Crystal



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